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Welcome to OAR, your premier destination for top-quality roofing solutions. We take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched customer service. As a leading provider in the roofing industry, we prioritize the use of only the finest brands and materials to ensure the longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your roof. Our comprehensive range of roofing services is tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. By partnering with renowned brands recognized for their excellence and innovation, such as IKO, we guarantee superior performance and reliability in every project we undertake. With OAR, your roofing needs are entrusted to expert hands, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations.

Please note that the products listed here are not an exhaustive list of all the products we utilize. Instead, they represent some of the main products commonly employed in our services. For a comprehensive understanding of our offerings, please contact us directly.

IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles

The IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles are renowned for their exceptional blend of weather resistance, visual appeal, and durability. Adding an elegant touch to any home, these shingles boast a dimensional profile that mirrors the look of natural wood shakes, complementing both traditional and modern architectural styles. Engineered to endure harsh weather conditions, they are recognized for their enduring performance over time. Furthermore, their extensive range of color blends, including Cool Colors, showcases advanced color blending technology. With larger dimensions than competing products, these shingles offer quicker installation and enhanced visual impact, making them the preferred choice for homeowners and contractors alike.

For more information on IKO Cambridge Shingles and colour options visit IKO Cambridge Shingles – Architectural Roofing Shingles

IKO Dynasty Premium-Quality Laminated Performance Shingles

The IKO Dynasty premium laminated performance shingles are engineered to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while delivering robust protection against adverse weather conditions. With a Class 3 Impact Resistance rating, attributed to their heavy-weight construction and thick weathering asphalt coating, these shingles ensure durability and longevity. Available in a variety of high-definition color blends, they not only boost curb appeal but may also increase your home’s resale value. Their larger “Advantage” size provides greater exposure, resulting in a visually striking roof. Equipped with ArmourZone®, these shingles feature a reinforced nailing surface that facilitates optimal nail placement, enhancing fastening strength and resistance to nail pull-through and shingle blow-off, even in high winds.

For more information on IKO Dynasty Premium Quality Laminated Performance Shingles and colour options visit IKO Dynasty Shingles | Laminated Shingles

Stormtite (Lined) IKO 48in x 250ft.

The Stormtite IKO 48in x 250ft roofing membrane is crafted to deliver premium protection against moisture infiltration and wind-driven rain. Engineered with a durable lining, this product exhibits exceptional strength and resilience, ideal for challenging roofing applications. With its 48-inch width and 250-foot length, the Stormtite membrane offers extensive coverage for large roofing projects, minimizing seams and enhancing installation efficiency. Its rugged construction resists tearing and puncturing, ensuring enduring performance for both homeowners and contractors. Whether utilized as an underlayment or as the primary roofing material, the Stormtite IKO membrane guarantees dependable protection and durability, enhancing the longevity and performance of any roofing system.

Stormshield 2sq Ice & Water Protector

The IKO Stormshield 2sq Ice & Water Protector represents a premium roofing underlayment meticulously engineered to defend against moisture infiltration and ice damming. Crafted to be installed beneath shingles, it adds an extra layer of defense to the roof deck and vulnerable areas like valleys, eaves, and edges. Featuring a self-adhesive backing, Stormshield 2sq facilitates easy application and ensures a tight seal, forming a watertight barrier that prevents water ingress into the structure. Its robust construction is resistant to tearing and puncturing, guaranteeing enduring reliability and assurance. Whether for new roof construction or upgrading an existing one, the IKO Stormshield 2sq Ice & Water Protector delivers indispensable protection against the elements, bolstering the durability and effectiveness of your roofing system.

IKO Leading Edge Plus Shingle

IKO® Leading Edge Plus Starter, a specialized product by renowned roofing materials manufacturer IKO, is designed to deliver exceptional performance. With its superior sealing, precise alignment, and generous overhang, it effectively safeguards against water infiltration while enhancing the roof’s visual appeal. Engineered with advanced adhesion features, it ensures strong attachment, fortifying the roof’s durability and resilience against harsh weather conditions.

Maximum 301 Vents

The Maximum 301 Vent is a specialized ventilator installed near the roof’s ridge or peak to facilitate air circulation and maintain proper attic ventilation. Engineered for maximum airflow efficiency, it regulates attic temperature and reduces moisture buildup. Constructed from durable materials, it withstands harsh weather conditions and UV exposure. This promotes energy efficiency by preventing heat buildup, reducing the workload on air conditioning systems, and extending the lifespan of roofing materials by minimizing the risk of issues like ice damming and moisture-related damage.

Maximum 302 Vents

The Maximum 302 Vent, installed near the roof’s ridge or peak, promotes attic airflow by expelling hot air and drawing in cooler air from eaves or soffits. Engineered for efficiency and durability, it prevents heat buildup and moisture accumulation, enhancing the roof’s longevity. Its low-profile design blends seamlessly with the roofline, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Essential for a healthy roofing system, it regulates attic temperature, reduces moisture buildup, and prevents issues like mold growth and premature deterioration.

Duraflo WEATHERPRO 50 Vent

The Duraflo® WeatherPRO 50 Vent offers effective attic ventilation and weather protection. Constructed from durable materials like UV-resistant polypropylene, these vents ensure longevity and performance in harsh conditions. Facilitating airflow within the attic, they regulate temperature and reduce moisture buildup, preventing issues like mold growth and roof deterioration. Designed to withstand rain, snow, and UV radiation, the WeatherPRO 50 Vent maintains durability in all weather conditions.

Velux Skylight

Velux skylights, crafted by Velux Group, a renowned manufacturer of roof windows and skylights, are innovative windows designed to illuminate homes or commercial spaces with natural light and fresh air while creating a sense of spaciousness. Engineered with energy-efficient materials and features, they aim to minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. With low-E glass coatings and insulated frames, Velux skylights enhance thermal performance, promoting energy savings and reducing environmental impact.

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